REC 437 – LEC 0.50 – Course ID: 012661 – Ecosystem and Resource Management in Parks/Natural Areas

This course examines how ecosystem principles and techniques are used in planning and operations in regulated lands, parks, and protected areas. Conservation of biological diversity, ecological integrity, and sustainable resource use are major themes. Students learn population and community ecological modelling and related univariate and multivariate analytical techniques pertaining to ecosystem management. Comparisons of management frameworks illustrate modelling and analytical techniques for the forestry, agricultural, mining, fishing and energy sectors. A field assignment gives experience in assessment and analysis. Guest lectures by professionals in the conservation, parks and resource sectors augment student experience. Prereq: ENVS 200 or BIOL 150/250 or ENVS/REC 334; Level at least 3A. Antireq: ERS 380; ENVS 434/GEOG 367/PLAN 340/REC 434 taken prior to Winter 2007(Cross-listed with ENVS 444)

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