STAT 230 – LEC,TST,TUT 0.50 – Course ID: 008864 – Probability

The laws of probability, discrete and continuous random variables, expectation, central limit theorem. [Note: STAT 230 is normally taken in second year. Students with an average of at least 80% in Honours Mathematics courses in 1A may enrol in STAT 230 in 1B. Offered at St. Jerome’s University in the Fall term. Offered: F,W,S] Prereq: MATH 127 with a grade of at least 70% or MATH 128 with a grade of at least 70% or MATH 137 with a grade of at least 60% or MATH 147; Level at least 1B Honours Math or Math/Phys students only. Coreq: MATH 128 or 138 or 148. Antireq: STAT 220, 240

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