REC 312 – PRA 0.50 – Course ID: 013954 – Practicum in Recreation and Sport Business

REC 312 involves an unpaid placement in a recreation and sport business or event management related organization (e.g., the University of Waterloo Athletics and Recreational Services Department, Parks and Recreation Ontario, University of Waterloo Events, Festivals and Events Ontario, etc.). Placement opportunities will be facilitated by the course instructor, in partnership with the supervising organization. REC 312 will provide students with the opportunity to engage in core business functions related to (but not limited to) marketing, finance, administration, operations, logistics, risk management, and/or evaluation. The placement will require 105 hours interspersed over one academic term (15 weeks). The completion of these hours will be determined by the placement supervisor, in consultation with the student. The course will be offered on a credit/no credit basis. Department consent is required for enrollment.Department Consent Required Prereq: REC 220; one of REC 215, 314, 316; Level at least 3A Recreation and Leisure Studies

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