ECON 422 – LEC 0.50 – Course ID: 004960 – Topics in Econometrics

An applied topics course involving extensive use of computers, requiring the completion of a term project. While topics covered will vary with the instructor’s interests, they will normally be drawn from the following: estimation of stochastic linear regression models; distributed lags and time series models; identification and estimation of simultaneous equations; non-linear estimation; maximum likelihood method; pooling cross-sections and time series; limited dependent variable models; and specification issues. Prereq: ECON 201; one of ECON 211, MATH 106/125, 109, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 128, 136, 138, 146, 148; one of ECON 321, STAT 331, 361, 371; Honours students or Economics majors

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