ECE 428 – LAB,LEC,TST,TUT 0.50 – Course ID: 004787 – Computer Networks and Security

This course examines the upper layer protocols used in computer networks. These include TCP/IP, UDP and the ATM Adaptation Layer as well as network management functions. Facilities for large networks such as the Internet will be discussed (protocols, multimedia, compression, etc.). This is followed by an introduction to cryptography and information security. Elements of classical and public key cryptography as well as their implementations will be covered. Network applications such as electronic commerce and wireless network security will also be discussed. [Note: Space in Spring for non-Software Engineering students is limited. Offered: W, S, last Winter offering is Winter 2013.] Prereq: ECE 222, (ECE 316 or STAT 206); Level at least 4A Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering or Software Engineering. Antireq: CS 456, ECE 358

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