BIOL 499 – A LAB 0.50 – Course ID: 003772 – Senior Honours Project

A senior-year research project. [Note: Normally, only students attaining either a 73% or better cumulative major average or a 78% or better major average in their two most recent terms (normally 3A and 3B) will be accepted into this course. May only be taken with the permission of the BIOL 499 co-ordinator. Consult the BIOL 499 manual for details. A final grade for BIOL 499A will be submitted only after completion of 499B. Normally, BIOL 499A and 499B may not be taken concurrently without prior permission of the BIOL 499 co-ordinator]Department Consent Required Prereq: Cumulative Major Average at least 73%; Honours Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Bioinformatics students only

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